The LunchBox

EatFit a Karachi based food outlet, that caters to a market who like to watch what they eat. Their entire menu is healthy, with a
calorie count mentioned.

The LunchBox is a sub brand of EatFit that is found in schools across Karachi. So kids can eat healthy too!. Also some designs
for the social media tie-up between EatFit and BodyBeats (a fitness training program).


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The lunchbox by eatfit Business-Card-Mock-Up-vol-22 LunchBox_Eatfit_Banner-06 ShoppingBag_LunchBox standeeEF_FB_Posts_BodyBeats-01EF_FB_Posts_BodyBeats-02EF_FB_Posts_BodyBeats-03EF_FB_Posts_BodyBeats-04EF_FB_Posts_BodyBeats-06

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